Former coach of Kovalev does not believe that he has taken banned substances

Bektemir Melikuziev's fight against former Russian world champion Sergey Kovalev was considered a big event, but the discovery of a hormone that is considered doping in the analysis of the Russian boxer caused a great stir in the boxing community.

Most likely this fight will be cancelled. We were interested in the reaction of boxing coach Abror Tursunpulatov, who knew Sergey Kovalev well and was his coach at the time.

- Honestly, I don't believe it. Because Kovalev was very strict in this regard. That is, he was also very careful when consuming anything before the fight. There have been such situation, when he was very tired during the workout, I was advised to take a vitamin myself. However, he strongly disagreed. Believe me, I brought him from Uzbekistan natural products and cheap medicines that benefit the body. I mean, he absolutely had no idea about doping.

Everyone knows Russia's relationship with VADA. So it looks like a fictional situation. It can also occur if you have taken a regular pill. However, American and Mexican boxers also have secret drugs that are given to them. Other continental boxers aren’t given that. I think it must be their unwritten law. So Sergey was one of the few boxers who was very anti-doping when he trained under me.

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