Former world champion Regis Prograis was offered Shakhram Giyasov as an opponent

After the fight of Maurice Hooker and Regis Prograis was canceled, correspondent wrote the post, offering Shahram Giyasov as the opponent to Prograis. Aliko Frolov, Giyasov's assistant manager and translator, responded:

"Giyasov has style and skills to make anyone in 140 look bad, he can put boxing clinics its just him being aggressive and gives performance every time he steps in the ring instead of being safety first. No doubt Prograis is the top, but Giyasov is a huge challenge to any 140 today. But we are not rushing things, Giyasov will be level above the competition when time comes. He is unbelievably talented kid who will eventually be the Man in super lightweight."

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