Hector Cuper says the best defense is a good offense

“Certainly, we will do a rotation in our squad that new players have an opportunity to play in starting lineup”, says the 62-year-old.

“Tomorrow’s match will be tough since it’s being coached by well-experienced Carlos Queiroz. I urge my players to play as a team and execute my tactics.”

“We showed a defensive football against Syria, but it doesn’t mean that we boost attacks tomorrow. First, we should minimize mistakes in defense before thinking about offensive football. I may say that the best defense is a good offense.”

“In this way, I ask you to look at the latest FIFA rankings before you wait for a victory over Iran tomorrow. They are Asia’s top-ranked team staying at the 35th place, while Uzbekistan are surviving in top 100 countries hard. So, we need time to achieve good results as our squad will strengthen step by step as it’s called “Despacito” in Spanish.”

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