Hojimat Erkinov: "always the first game in big competitions is difficult"

In the match between the national teams of Uzbekistan U-23 and Turkmenistan U-23, our representatives, despite the difficulties, won with a score of 1:0. After the match, Khojimat Erkinov briefly shared his thoughts.

- I thank all our people. This victory belongs to our people. God grant, this is the beginning. Thanks again to all the fans who supported us. We will try to adequately defend the honor of the Motherland.

- It was a difficult game in a sense to start the competition. Now, what do you expect from the next meetings?

- It was difficult because it was the first game. Always the first meeting at big competitions will be difficult. The opposing team also played defensively today. That's why we had problems. But we had a lot of scoring opportunities that we just couldn't use. I hope it will be easier in the next meetings, if God wills.


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