How much does a referee working in the Super League get paid per game? The head of the Center of Football Referees of Uzbekistan - Laziz Kuchkarov answered!

The previous issue of the project "Dangal" was called for refereeing. We talked to 4 people at once. Among them, the interview with the head of the Center of Football Referees of Uzbekistan - Laziz Kuchkarov deserves special recognition. The specialist, who has not long started working in this position, answered the questions of many people.

- Is the power of the "mafia" of more than 10 referees 5-6 years ago still there?

- After "Dangal", one should answer open. People who know me well can confirm: I do not like such things! I don't want to say "I'm great" with this. We work with the mind. We have leaders above us. If someone wants to put pressure on us, we are ready to prevent it.

- From what we hear, you've been under a lot of pressure too! Is the sphere of influence of that "mafia" felt? Tell me about it?!

- The pressure was always there. Football is a team game. You can't get anything done by saying, "I'll do it myself." It has been a long time since we started responding to this "mafia". This is also a game. After entering it, it is necessary to know how to emerge as a winner. We found a solution to all the problems with the problem. It paid off. I'm not here to make someone's nose bleed. My goal is to organize everything. As 2022 comes to a beautiful end, we have more difficult seasons ahead of us. We have to go into the next tournaments even stronger. I want the judges to understand the decision they are making. Penalties and yellow cards must be justified. If everyone accepts the referee's decision with the primary opinion, we will have achieved our goal. Sometimes we don't even understand ourselves. The judge is also human. It's okay to get lost in the excitement. They are no different from players. It is not easy to run on the field for 90 minutes thinking about not making a mistake.

- How much do you think you've aged in the last 6 months?

- A very difficult question. The nerves are noticeably going. I think we aged 2 years in 6 months (laughs).

- We saw a lot of refereeing errors before and during the championship, but in the end, the referees did not spoil the game. What is it about?

- It was June when I started working. It took time to explain to our referees what the management wanted. We demanded honesty. We had a long conversation about what to do in order not to be objected to by the clubs and the people. We have ensured that referees do not disrupt championship matches.

- We know how refereeing was in the past. How difficult is it to adapt the judges who worked in that era to the current requirements?

- Frankly, it's a very complicated job. It's hard work. Judges should also be properly understood. It is not easy to demolish a building and rebuild it. I think they made the right conclusion. In the end, we saw that in the last rounds of the Super League, we did not make a mistake.

- What is the current salary of the referees working in the Super League?

- The fee of the chief referee for one match is 6 million soums. Linesmen are paid 2 million. When I came to work, the referees of the wing asked us to increase this amount. We looked for a sponsor and found them. As a result, the fee paid to referees on the sideline for their work in one game has increased to 3 million soums. The reserve referee receives a fee of 1 million 200 thousand. Our inspectors earn 1 million soums for 90 minutes. I consider this amount to be small, but our financial capacity can raise this amount for now. We plan to increase this in the future. Many of our referees compare their salaries to that of the players. I have often witnessed them complaining that they get at least 30 million a month. But there is another side of the coin. If our referees work without mistakes in 4 games, they can easily earn 25 million soums in a month.


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