"I can't say anything about this," - interview with Shomurodov after the game with Kazakhstan

The national teams of Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan competed in an international friendly match. In this competition, our representatives outplayed the opponent with a score of 2:0.

Initially, in the 11th minute, Khojimat Erkinov opened the scoring in the match. Then in the 45th minute Eldor Shomurodov scored 2 goals.

After the competition, the captain of our national team and the striker of "Roma" Eldor Shomurodov shared his thoughts:

- What can you say about the opponent's level?

- First of all, I thank the fans who came despite the cold day. As for the game, we were able to show our good side. Plans that we thought were fulfilled. However, there are disadvantages. They must be eliminated. Kazakhstan also showed a good game.

- You have to score 1 goal to set a record in the national team. Are you focusing on that?

- Of course, I have a desire to go down in history. That's the reason I'm focusing on this. God willing, if I can set the record faster, the rest will be easy.

- There is a meeting against Russia ahead. You have played in Russia and you know their chances. In general, what can you say about this match?

- We are waiting for a more difficult game with Russia than today. The opponent is much stronger not only physically, but also from the technical side.

- You score goals in the main matches. What are your plans for the future? More precisely, if you tell us about your situation at Roma.

- At the same time, I am in the national team. I can't say anything about "Roma".


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