Ilham Mumindzhanov:

"Neftchi" hosted "Olimpik"  in the 19th round of the Professional League. In a match that was rich in goals, Fergana won with a score of 3:2. After the match, the head coach of Neftchi, Ilham Mumidzhanov, expressed the following attitude.

"In today's game, my players won. I congratulate them and all our fans who came to the match. There are still 5 games ahead, and we are looking forward to starting preparing for them and striving to achieve our plans. In our next meeting, we will host "Dinamo". I also want our fans to come to these matches. Because our players play for the fans. In turn, the support of the fans will help us to awaken emotions and win. I think that our fans will come to the next game and support us.

In the first round, we lost the match, playing a draw with" Olimpik". Coming to today's game, "Olimpik" scored 2 goals. The first was from the standard situation, the second goal was defender's rude mistake. Everything is ahead. If we play in this spirit, we will win victories and get a ticket to Super League 


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