In the futsal championship, the TOP team of the tour is also chosen.

The practice of announcing the TOP five after the end of each round has taken root in the futsal championship. PFL announced the composition of the 4th round before the New Year's holiday, and today we are duplicating this news. It is not outdated, because there is still time before the 5th round, even the dates and place of its holding are unknown. However, the PFL probably knows, but they are not in a hurry to inform clubs and fans, as always, pursuing a policy of "their cow": what they want, they turn away.

In the meantime, here is the selected composition of the 4th round.


Recall that the 4th round was held in Jizzakh: here are all the results and the table before the start of the 5th round...

We are waiting for official news on the 5th round from PFL Uz.

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