Ins & Outs in FC Nasaf before 2017 AFC Champions League

Uzbekistan’s FC Nasaf is continuing the second phase of its pre-season training camp in Karshi.

Before the training sessions, a former player of Uzbekistan National team Shuhrat Muhammadiev, who has been a key player of FC Nasaf since 2013, left the Karshi based club and joined to 2016 Uzbekistan Oliy league winner FC Lokomotiv Tashkent on January 5.

Similarly, FC Nasaf’s Azamat Allaniyazov and Ildar Mamatkazin will not play in the Dragons’ team in the upcoming season.

All other local players, who performed in the squad of FC Nasaf last year, signed a contract with the club and new youngsters invited from the reserve teams such as Islom Kenjaboev, Navruzjon Izzatillaev.

Apart from Uzbekistan’s players, FC Nasaf managed to keep last year’s two important legionaries who are Serbian Dragan Ceran and Russian Igor Golban with signing new contracts.

Likewise, there is a provisional contract between FC Nasaf and another foreign player Ognen Krasic, and the sides will ink a contract officially these days.

The third phase of preparation for the next season will take place in Antalya, Turkey starting from today. Two-week long training sessions will include six testing matches with foreign teams.



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