Is Real Madrid waiting for Yahshiboev?

In the fifth round of the group stage of the Champions League, the champion of Moldova "Sheriff" will host Real Madrid on its field. In the first match of these teams at the Santiago Bernabeu, Tiraspol sensationally won with a score of 2:0.

The first goal in that match was scored by Jasur Yakhshiboev, writing his name in the history of football. Unfortunately, our legionnaire, who was injured during the match in Madrid, has still not fully recovered from the injury, and many people are interested in the opportunity of the Uzbek football player to play for the second time against Real Madrid before the return match.

We bring to your attention the comments of the head coach of ” Sheriff " Yuri Vernidub at the official pre-match press conference.

- Our team has tried to fully prepare for an important meeting. The dispute takes place under intense and uncompromising struggle. Our last match in the national championship was against the outsider Floresti. I can say that it wasn't our best work.

Our main goal was to ensure that the players who left for their national teams returned without injury. Unfortunately, there are some losses, nevertheless, we are ready for a confrontation with Real Madrid. Our strongest players today will take the field. The game decides everything. Can we resist the team”Real Madrid " or not, we will find out after the match.

Sheriff managed to show one hundred percent that it has a place in this competition at the group stage of the Champions League. The fact that Tiraspol is a small city and its team plays in the group stage of the Champions League is a great achievement in itself. We have seen Real Madrid and its stars with our own eyes. I will keep this in my heart for the rest of my life.

Such meetings are a good opportunity for my students to develop their careers and play in higher European teams in the future.

I hope the wounded will get back on their feet and our infirmary will be free. They asked about Zhasur Yakhshibayev. Welcome, the meeting will be recorded on the account. Although not from the first minutes of the match, but he is preparing to join the game with a reserve," said Yuri Vernidub.


The second part of the press conference was attended by the head coach of Real Madrid Carlo Ancelotti, who shared his thoughts.

- We've come a long way, but we haven't had any problems. We checked into a nice hotel. I was amazed by the stadium. In fact, this is a new and good arena. Those who are in the world of football can adapt to everything.

It is not difficult to become a coach of Real Madrid. To participate in car racing, a Ferrari is better than a Fiat 500. Not every coach faces pressure. It's part of our job. Being involved with the greatest club in the world is a responsibility.

This game reminds me of our bad experience at the Santiago Bernabeu. There will be no rotation from the first minutes of the match, except that Militao and Rodrigo have no chance to enter the field. We must take into account any situations and developments. Because we suffered one of the few defeats in the season from Sheriff," Carlo Ancelotti said.



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