Is the result of the Lomachenko-Lopez fight fair? Uzbek boxing experts answered

The MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas hosted a big professional boxing evening. In his central lightweight bout (61.2 kg), WBC Franchise, WBO and WBA Super Champion Vasily Lomachenko of Ukraine and IBF Champion Teofimo Lopez fought for all the belts in lightweight. And after 12-round fight Teofimo Lopez won by UD of 116-112, 119-109, 117-111 and became the owner of four belts. This war is causing various controversies around the world. In other words, there is a shout about the impartiality of the referees in this conflict.

We also listened to the opinion of boxing experts in Uzbekistan about this fight. We bring to your attention their comments below.

Zufar Sulaymonov - a boxing coach.

- In fact, it was a battle worthy of draw. The first half of the battle was dominated by Lopez. But he did not manage to deliver so many precise blows. In Lomachenko, the result was good in terms of accuracy. But I did not understand the decision of the judges. If there is a rematch, I have no doubt that the Ukrainian boxer will win with a big advantage.

Хожи ака

Mars Kuchkarov - a boxing coach.

- To be honest, I thought that Lomachenko's handing over the first half of the fight to Lopez was a tactical move. He spent more rounds studying the opponent. It would have been a different fight if he had started the same moves in rounds 6 and 7 as in the previous rounds. However, Lomachenko's shots were more accurate than Lopez's. Personally, when I counted in the 8th or 9th round, Lomachenko's 11 shots were accurately landed. Lopez landed only three punches. According to the decision of the judges, one of them scored a result of 116-112, another - 119-109, and another - 117-111. I think these referees were watching a completely different battle or they had a high level of respect for Lopez. In my opinion, the battle was a struggle, but the accuracy was in Lomachenko. It is true that the judges sit closer than we do, and they may have noticed things we did not see. However, giving 119-109 is not appropriate at all. Now, we look forward to the rematch. If the parties can agree, if Lopez agrees, the fight will be even more interesting. If successful, the fight would end in Lomachenko's victory.

Марс галиевич

Abror Tursunpulatov - a boxing coach.

- Lomachenko did not lose this fight. Of course, this is my personal opinion! He put caution first, waited more than one round for his time, and missed an opportunity in the last round as well. In return, I think Lopez won the last round. But at least it must be draw.


Tulkin Kilichev - a boxing coach.

- I think the result was fair. Lopez won in the 7 rounds, while Lomachenko won in the 5 rounds. Of course, this is my personal opinion ... I thought Lomachenko would keep up the pace until the last rounds. However, Lopez recovered in the 12th round and decided the fate of the fight. However, in the early rounds, Lopez's shots were dangerous and accurate. I don't think this weight class is for Lomachenko. He is a boxer who has lifted three times in the preliminary weight category. Therefore, the body is slightly smaller than Lopez. The young man also had his words. The passion in Lopez was strong.


Sardor Rahimov - a journalist.

- Lomachenko-Lopez ... The result was fair. In this unification, Lopez won. To be honest, I didn't see the real Lomachenko. In the last rounds he showed himself a bit. Lopez was tactically right. He took over the center of the ring in the early rounds and did not allow Lomachenko to get closer and make combinations. Given that Lopez has rarely fought in 12 rounds in his career, he thinks that the Ukrainian boxer will be able to accelerate in the second half of the fight and his physical condition, and from the middle of the fight to the body and liver. In other words, he aimed to immobilize Lomachenko. Lomachenko began his combinations after 7 rounds. He tried to show his strength. But it was too late. Because Lopez had done his job. I did not know how ready Lomachenko was for the fight. But Lopez was very well prepared. So, as I mentioned above, Lopez won this clash.


Jahongir Qurbonov - a boxing coach.

- The fight was fair. Of course, Lopez won. I think he learned the strengths and weaknesses of Lomachenko and was able to use them effectively. In boxing, pressure doesn't always work. You have to work with the mind. This is my personal opinion ...


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