Islam isakzhanov: my main goal is to win a ticket to the Super League with the team "Kokand-1912"

One of the leaders of " Kokand-1912 " Islombek isokzhanov told about the preparation for the second round.

- First of all, hello to everyone. We lost points in a series of necessary meetings in the first round. I consider our games in the first round unsatisfactory at a time when we are given such opportunities. We have made the necessary conclusion on the errors of the first round and will try not to return these errors in the second round. We must make every effort to match the assistance provided by the leadership of the Kokand-1912 team. We will make every effort to complete the task. Everything is in our hands, and we are not going to stop our efforts to get a ticket to the Super League.

We focused more on preparing for the second round to improve our fitness. We also participated in a number of friendly matches. I think we have prepared well for the second round. If we are lucky, we will please our fans by taking the field against”Shortands " in the first match of the second round.

Each player will have their own goal. Without a goal and effort, no one will achieve anything. My main goal at the moment is to win a ticket to the Super League with the Kokand-1912 team. Even for everyone who trusts us, we have to complete the task. Based on our current state, I think we have enough strength for this. I spent a long time off the field due to injury, now that I have become stronger, I try to give my best on the field.


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