Israil Madrimov: I was not focused on the knockout win

Currently, a press conference was held in the conference hall of the National Olympic Committee on Uzbek boxing night at the Sports Palace "Humo Arena" with the participation of Uzbek boxers. It was attended by all the boxers who took part in this fight night and answered questions from the media. Being asked about his shoulder injury, Israil Madrimov said:

"First of all, I have to say that we have been preparing for this fight for 3 weeks. In fact, we did not intend to fight. The injury was very serious. The doctors had advised to begin training after 6 months but I started it in 4 month and fought. It was a big risk. We made a decision in one day and flew to the United States.

Because I felt good in the training, the coaches agreed to the fight. After that, the process of choosing an opponent for me began. You see, Kalombo was strong. DAZN chooses its rivals for boxing nights like this, and of course, they need fights that arouse more interest. The opponent was a knock-outer. I gained a lot of experience from this fight. The reason is that I need 10-12 rounds of championship fights ahead of me.

During the fight, my attention was not focused on the knockout. I was fully prepared for the battle during the training. Thank God, the biggest thing that scared us was that we weren't injured," - Madrimov said.

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