Jaloliddin Masharipov: We conceded a goal in exchange for our mistake

"It was a great game for our fans. We conceded a goal in exchange for our small mistake. We talked about the opponent's tactics in the dressing room.

We feel that this is a friendly match. If we are lucky, we will act in a completely different mood at official games and make the most of our situation.

Players, who play in the national team, never put their own interests first. If I give an example from myself, it is impossible to talk about it. In several situations, I tried to provide my teammates with the ball. However, in those situations I could strike myself.

I also play in the UAE Arabian Gulf League. There is no instruction on how to spend time at all. Our coach is also from the Arabic nation. He doesn't tell us to "waste time when we win." In general, a person is ready for anything to win. For example, if we are winning the official match, we may try to prolong the time of the match with fake injuries.

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