Khokim of Kashkadarya region congratulated Nasaf

The team "Nasaf" from Karshi in the playoff match for reaching the group stage of the Asian Champions League won "Baniyas" from the UAE with a score of 0:2 and got the opportunity to participate in ACHL.

"These achievements testify to the attention of the head of our state to sports.

Before the trip, we met with the team and its fans and set ourselves big goals. Today we have witnessed the achievement of these goals. My family and I were looking forward to the final result, and as a result, our team gave its fans and our country a joyful victory.

In this regard, wishing our main team good luck in the Games in the ACHL, I want to inform you that I, like the governor of the region, am the 12th player in the ranks of the fans.

Let the name of the country, the flag of the country become an epic for the worlds."


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