Malaysian T-Team will not sign a contract with Shavkat Salomov

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As we informed before, Shavkat Salomov, who spent the last season with FC Bukhara in Uzbekistan Oliy League, was participating in the pre-season training sessions of Malaysian T-Team.

After the Makan Konate’s knee injury before the new season will start, T-Team head coach Rahmat Darmawan invited two main candidates to fill the four foreign players of the Titans who were former Marseilles striker Mamadou Samassa and former national player of Uzbekistan, Shavkat Salomov.

According to the media release provided to Information Portal by an independent football journalist from Malaysia, T-Team will improve its squad with 30-year-old Mamadou Samassa.

Also, it was revealed why the coaching staff chose The former Olympique Marseille striker Mamadou Samassa instead of Uzbekistan’s Shavkat Salomov.

They looked good Salomov play as an attacking midfielder, but Salomov cannot act as a striker. Unlike Samassa when he can play in two positions, namely the middle and attackers. So, maybe Samassa be chosen as the fourth import player T-Team.

However, there are not any official announcement by T-Team about the signing with Mamadou Samassa.


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