Marko Obradovich: It's not true that I left Neftchi for family reasons

As you know, Neftchi won a ticket to the Super League ahead of schedule. Serbian striker Marko Obradovic made a significant contribution to achieving the team's goal.

As a result, he became the top scorer. But suddenly, the contract with Obradovich was terminated, and the player left the team.

There are also rumors that he left the club for family reasons. The player told why he left Neftchi to clarify the situation.

- After the break in the championship, Ilkhom Muminzhanov gave an answer to the Uzbek football players until October 22, and to us - until October 25. I also had a return ticket. But three days later, the agent called me and told me not to come back. I don't know why. It is not true that they say that I left for family reasons. "However, I could easily have returned to the club," Obradovic said.

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