Meet the Winners at the 2018 Uzbekistan Boxing Championship

Olympic and Asian champion Hasanboy Dusmatov claimed a gold medal in his new weight category, while 2018 Asian Games gold medallist and 2017 AIBA World Boxing Championships silver medallist Ikboljon Kholdarov received a defeat in the final.

2016 Rio de Janeiro bronze medallist Rustam Tulaganov also lost the final bout to youngster Madiyor Saidrahimov and awarded a silver medal at the Heavyweight.

2018 Uzbekistan Boxing Championship Winners


Gold medal: Hasanboy Dusmatov (Andijan)

Silver medal: Khudoynazar Fayzov (Tashkent region)

Bronze medal: Nodirjon Mirzaahmedov (Tashkent)

Bronze medal. Abrorjon Kodirov (Fergana)



Gold medal: Abdulhay Shorahmatov (Tashkent)

Silver medal: Otabek Kholmatov (Tashkent)

Bronze medal: Hasanjon Turakulov (Tashkent region)

Bronze medal: Mirazizbek Mirazhalilov (Fergana)



Gold medal: Aliyor Noraliev (Tashkent region)

Silver medal: Shukurjon Rahimov (Bukhara)

Bronze medal: Shunkor Abdurasulov (Tashkent region)

Bronze medal: Kamronbek Eshmatov (Andijan)



Gold medal: Bobo-Usmon Boturov (Jizzakh)

Silver medal: Iqboljon Kholdarov (Andijan)

Bronze medal: Fazliddin Meliboev (Fergana)

Bronze medal: Jahongir Rahmonov (Tashkent region)



Gold medal: Fanat Kahramonov (Samarkand)

Silver medal: Odiljon Aslonov (Bukhara)

Bronze medal: Akmurod G‘affarov (Tashkent)

Bronze medal: Otabek Turdixo‘jaev (Andijan)



Gold medal: Khurshid Abdullaev (Samarkand)

Silver medal: Dilshod Ro‘zmetov (Tashkent region)

Bronze medal: Kozimbek Mardonov (Fergana)

Bronze medal: Akmalbek Kosimov (Fergana)



Gold medal: Madiyar Saidrahimov (Tashkent region)

Silver medal: Rustam Tulaganov (Tashkent)

Bronze medal: Rorimsha Profsor (Bukhara)

Bronze medal: Sardor Yormuhammedov (Bukhara)



Gold medal: Ulugbek Mubinov (Bukhara)

Silver medal: Obidjon Tohirov (Fergana)

Bronze medal: Mirzohidjon Abdullaev (Tashkent)

Bronze medal: Rustamjon Ismoilov (Fergana)


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