Memorial Rowing Championship being held on Tashkent Sea

Nearly 190 athletes from different regions of the country are competing for medals in their respective eight classes in 1000 and 2000-meter distance.

Women’s, S-1, 2000 m:

1st place – Dinara Juraeva (Tashkent region)

2nd place – Ayjamal Jaldasbaeva (Tashkent region)

3rd place – Khonzoda Erkinova (Tashkent region)


Women’s, K-1, 2000 m:

1st place – Arina Tanatmisheva (Tashkent region)

2nd place – Darya Mishina (Tashkent)

3rd place – Sabina Ashrafkhanova (Tashkent region)


Men’s, S-1, 2000 m:

1st place – Sunatillo Inagamov (Tashkent region)

2nd place – Abdurahim Abdurashidov (Tashkent region)

3rd place – Sunnat Tojiev (Samarqand region)


Men’s, K-1, 2000 m:

1st place – Sherzod Hakimjonov (Tashkent region)

2nd place – Anton Pekut (Tashkent)

3rd place – Mikhail Korbit (Tashkent).


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