My contract with "Navbahor" has ended, something that is clearly visible in the football of Uzbekistan..." or an interview with Boyan Tsiger

The World Cup in Qatar ended yesterday. Interest in the World Cup was extremely high, and Argentina won a historic victory.

In Uzbekistan, the season has come to an end and the teams are developing plans to prepare for the new season. Also, leading players are leaving some clubs.

"Navbahor" club, which fought for the victory in the Super League and Cup of Uzbekistan this season, ended up without a championship. We were interested in the opinions of Boyan Tsiger, the team's legionnaire defender, on similar topics.

He spoke about the results recorded last season, his relationship with Babayan and the strikers who gave him the most trouble.


- Good day, Boyan! How was the first full season in "Navbahor"? How satisfactory is the result in the Super League and the cup for you?

- Our goal was to take first place in the league and of course we wanted to win the cup. Sorry for both prizes. But this is football. We should accept this and prepare better for the next trip.

- What happened in the football of Uzbekistan?

- Uzbekistan has potential for development. There are new young players who can raise the level of domestic football in the country. Thanks to them, Uzbekistan can achieve high results.

- You signed a contract with Namangan in the middle of last season. But at first you spent a lot of time on the bench. Did it make you uncomfortable?

- Yes, I signed a contract with the Namangans. But after the first match with "Nasaf" I got injured and did not play in less than 3 matches. That's why I played in almost every match. No, there was no inconvenience. Because there was no reason for it.


- Your club fought for the championship on two fronts. But in the end, luck turned away from "Navbahor". How do you react to this?

- As I mentioned above, there were many contenders for both prizes. Unfortunately, luck turned away from us. Nevertheless, I can say that we finished the season successfully! Because the competition was very strong and we were at the top of the table. It was a great result.

- We know that head coach Babayan mainly trusts the players he knows best. And you were not invited to the club by his invitation. What is the level of interaction with the coach?

- The coach decides who to trust. No, you may have received the wrong information, I came to the club at the suggestion of the coach. We have a good relationship with him.

- Were there any clubs in Uzbekistan that caught your attention with their special features?

- It's true, everyone has their own game philosophy. There are similar and different styles. But he would not have singled out a specific team. Of course, each club is strong in its own way and all of them were able to challenge us.


- Will you continue the new season in "Navbahor" or would you prefer to switch to another team if there is a favorable offer? What are the general future plans?

- We are negotiating with the club. In general, I want to continue my career here. But for now, my contract with "Navbahor" has ended.

- Can you name the two strikers who gave you the most trouble in the Superliga?

- There were many such players. Nasaf's two strikers (Norchaev and Lima), Cheran (Pakhtakor), Norkhanov (Sogdiyona), Boake (AGMK), Surkhan central strikers and Kizilkum strikers. They are all excellent and each has its own characteristics has a style.

I can single out the rest. They are not inferior to those mentioned. Obviously, most of the attackers were able to create a good problem against us.

- Thank you very much for the answers! We wish you success in your future endeavors!!!

- Thank you for the offer! I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to the fans of Namangan. They supported us perfectly in every game. Football is played for the fans and is always fun with them. "Navbahor" fans have a special place in Uzbekistan.


Shohrux Zoirov talked.


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