Odil Ahmedov: I would play in Bundesliga or England Premier League, but they ...

Today Uzbekistan National Team captain Odil Ahmedov visited showman Akmal Mirzo's "With a Cup of Tea" Radio Show at Oriat Dono. Answering several questions, Akhmedov revealed that different clubs from European countries had requested to add Odil Akhmedov to their teams.

"I've been participating in UEFA Europe League for five years. During that period, Bundesliga, England Premier League, and French Ligue 1 clubs wanted to sign a contract with me in both transfer periods, he said during the Radio Show.

"Unfortunately, joining to other clubs didn't depend on only me, but others who are my football teams, football agents, and the top level managers influenced to decline in those transfer offers, as well. Consequently, I haven't played other leagues in Europe except to Russian Premier League."

At the end of his speech about the transfer failures, he talked about his dream to play which league in Europe.

"I would want to play in Bundesliga. But I couldn't. However, it is still my lovely football league."


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