Otabek Shukurov spoke about the atmosphere in the national team, the problems in our defense and the appointment of Kataneс.

- What can you say about the training process and the foreign coach?

- We have already started preparations. This is our third training camp under the guidance of a new coach. I think that Katanets is much tougher and teaches you to play more aggressively. I think, under the guidance of this specialist, we will be able to achieve optimal shape.

- What is the atmosphere in our national team?

- The atmosphere is great. The guys liked the new coach. Recently, the level of our football has dropped significantly. Therefore, the fact that changes are taking place also gives players great confidence.

- In the match with Jordan, mistakes were made in the center. Is there any work being done on this?

- In an interview, our coach has already said that there are problems in our defense. After the Jordan game, he told us to work on the mistakes. Katanets told the guys that our main goal is to achieve a result, not a beautiful game. We need to play confidently in defense and score goals in attack. We try to play well up front, but I can't deny that there are problems in defense. Now first you need to focus on defense.


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