Peter Uistra: The guys played to the end, but could not completely fix the situation

The head coach of the capital's team commented on the game in Kokand.

"Kokand-1912" started the game well, they created chances with intense attacks in the first minutes and even took advantage of them. It took us a while to get into the game. The score was unfortunate 2:0. After the break, in order to strengthen the game, I released the replacement players. As a result, the score was equalized. I thank the guys for that, they wanted to fight. However, our opponent scored 2 more goals.

Maybe we couldn't show our game because of the poor condition of the pitch. But in the second half, my players showed that they can fight. The opponent on his field tried his best to win. In the next matches we will strive to show a good result.

Sherzod Azamov was replaced due to injury. Both defeats in the season were not easy for us.

I think if all the teams have a field in good condition, all Uzbek football and fans will benefit from this. For the development of football, it is necessary to improve all conditions. After that, you can think about reaching a high level.

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