Photo gallery of the match in which our youth beat Kuwait with a big score

The qualifying tournament of the Asian Youth Cup between the national teams of Kuwait and Uzbekistan has ended. In it, our representatives won with a score of 5:1.

Diyorbek Rakhimkulov opened the scoring in the 37th minute, and Khojimat Erkinov, Zhasur Zhaloliddinov and Ulugbek Khoshimo showed remarkable results. Erkinov's double. In the ranks of the opponent, Abdulaziz Dhahran once again responded to these goals.

Thus, our players, who scored 7 points, finished the group stage in 1st place.

Below you can see photos from this match:

Матнда хатолик топсангиз, ўша хатони белгилаб, бизга жўнатинг (Ctrl + Enter)


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