Referees have been appointed for the semi-final matches of the cup

The PFL Uz website has published the appointment of officials for the semi-final cup matches among women's teams, which will be held on October 4 in Bekabad and Namangan. And also the start time of these matches has been announced.


XX Uzbekistan Cup.

Appointment of officials.


Judges: Edita Mirabidova, Kristina Sereda, Mohirabona Muralieva, Anna Sidorova.

Inspector: Shukhrat Bazarov.

Commissioner: Nigora Abidova.


Judges: Rosiyabona Yusupova, Alexandra Konchikova, Daria Snetkova, Gayrat Juraev.

Inspector: Islam Rakhimov.

Commissioner: Shahrukh Said.

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