Review of the ASBC Annual Report – Transparency in all areas is the main ASBC objective

The 2019 ASBC Annual Report opens with the President’s message, Mr. Anas Alotaiba shortly summarized the year in his welcome sentences. Mr. Anas Alotaiba attended all of the important ASBC Championships, meetings and events in 2019 which was a busy year for the Asian Boxing Family.

The introduction of the governance of the Asian Boxing Confederation is the first big part of the Annual Report. The ASBC structure, the ASBC Board members, the ASBC affiliated National Federations, the ASBC staff, the ASBC Commissions and the ASBC General Assembly are all available in the Annual Report. ASBC has got one President, four Vice-President and ten Executive Committee members as main government.

The Asian boxers impressed in the history of the boxing events of the Olympic Games, the first gold medal of our continent was achieved by Takao Sakurai of Japan in 1964. The Asians amazed in the Olympic Games mostly from 1996 when our continent joined to the best nations in the world which increased the number of Asian champions and medallists in Atlanta, in Sydney, in Athens, in Beijing, in London and in Rio de Janeiro editions.

ASBC Rankings, developments, progress and the new academy information is the next part of the ASBC Annual Report. Uzbekistan claimed 57 medals in the 2019 ASBC Championships, Kazakhstan bagged 55 while India 54 podium places last year. China, Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan, Chinese Taipei, Thailand, South Korea and Japan are still in the Top10. Philippines, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Iran, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, DPR Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Syria and Palestine all achieved at least one ASBC medal in 2019.

The Asian Boxing Confederation hosted five continental events last year covering all of the age groups. The year of 2019 started with the Bangkok ASBC Asian Elite Boxing Championships, and followed with the historical Kuwait City ASBC Asian Schoolboys Boxing Championships. The autumn of 2019 was even more busy for the Asian National Federations which sent their boxers to the Fujairah ASBC Asian Junior Boxing Championships, the Ulaanbaatar ASBC Asian Youth Boxing Championships and to the ASBC Grand Slam Boxing Championships.

The statistics from all events are available in the ASBC Annual Report including the number of participants, the entered nations, the list of the officials, the progress of the competitions and the analysis in comparison to the previous details. The Best of the Asians project was launched in 2012 and since then the project continued every year choosing the top boxers, officials and coaches in several categories. The Asian Boxing Confederation’s important target and mission is to arrange all activities transparency. The financial statements, the financial positions, the cash flow and the forecasts of the Asian Boxing Championships are all available in the report.

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