Riders from Uzbekistan won two gold medals at the show jumping tournament in Moscow

Uzbek riders have won two gold medals at the international show jumping tournament held at the Maxima stables equestrian club in Moscow, the press service of the NOC of Uzbekistan reports.

On the first day of the tournament, Boburjon Valizhonov from Uzbekistan won the "gold" in the competition with an obstacle height of 100 cm. He held his demonstration performance on a horse named Lady. "Silver" and "bronze" went to the Russian athlete Arthur Foke, who rode Lemark and Luidor horses.

On the second day of the tournament , Uzbek Umid Komilov also won a gold medal in the competition program with an obstacle height of 150 cm . He rode Numbero Uno Rafael. The silver award was given to Sergey Petrov, who saddled the Las Vegas horse. The third place was taken by the athlete Natalia Semenova, she overcame obstacles on the horse Kuarendji.

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