Ruzikul Berdiyev: " it was not an easy opponent, thanks to the guys, but our main goal is still ahead"

Nasaf club won the main prize, beating Navbakhor in the final of the Uzbek Cup. Immediately after the match, the correspondent of Sport TV asked Berdiyev for his first impressions.

- We are very happy about today's victory. It was a historic victory. I take this opportunity to congratulate the Nasaf club, the fans, and all the people who are worried about our team. Of course, the game was hard. Our opponent was not an easy opponent. Therefore, there was an intense struggle until the very end. I want to thank my guys, they fought to the end. But our main goal is still ahead, and we want to continue in the same spirit.

- The atmosphere associated with Aibek Bazarov, in my opinion, changed a little earlier. But Bazorov went straight to his teammates, and Mukhitdinov went inside.

- Aybek missed a lot of games due to injury. Because of this, his physical fitness was not in place, he made more mistakes. We had plans to replace Sharaf with Sherzod Nasrullayev. Narsullaev had to go out on the field and add speed to the game. Today's honor movement is wrong, but it's an emotion. But after the meeting he came and congratulated, I was shot high (laughs).

- Did those who came on the field from the bench justify your trust?

- Of course, Zafarmurod at number 27 entered the field, and it was he who scored the second goal. The fact that two players run away and pass the ball to Lima is a common thing for big players. We give him a chance, he has good actions, and today it helped.

- Lima suddenly opened at the end of the season...

- When Lima arrived, she was in a bad physical condition. We had to correct his physical condition. Helps in recent games.

- Which stage of the meeting was harder for you?

- Extra time. Because we're not used to it. That's why we were more protected in extra time. In the first half, we played much better, more intelligently than the opponent. But in the second half we lost concentration in the scoring situation.


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