Sherzod Tashmatov: Patriotism, willpower and high moral values of our boxers are the way of our successes in Uzbekistan

Mr. Sherzod Tashmatov is the Vice-President of the Uzbekistan Boxing Federation who has got the key role in the country’s boxing life. Mr. Sherzod Tashmatov is Executive Committee member of AIBA and also Vice-President of the Asian Boxing Confederation.

Uzbekistan separated from the Soviet Union in 1991 and the country joined quickly to the best boxing countries in the World. Their biggest success in their history was an amazing performance at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games where three of their boxers won the gold medal and Uzbekistan ranked No.1 in the team rankings.

– Could you please introduce your country’s boxing life?

– The long tradition of boxing development in our country, count several decades. During this time, a large number of outstanding boxers appeared in Uzbekistan, who achieved major and significant victories at the main start of the Olympic and Asian games, the World and Asia Championships. Today, this is one of the most popular sports not only for fans, but also for those who regularly engage in this sport in sports clubs.

The Boxing Federation of Uzbekistan, since its formation in 1994, has played a leading role in the development and promotion of boxing in Uzbekistan. To date, the federation includes 14 regional offices, more than 60 sports clubs, developing boxing.

Every year the Federation holds on a regular basis the championships of the country among all categories of boxers: elite, youth, juniors and schoolboys. A well-developed coaching infrastructure has been created; the material base of boxing is being strengthened in all regions of the country, which regularly conduct their competitions in different age categories.

Боксчиларимиз жаҳон чемпионатида ҳам рақибларини ҳайратга солади (фото)

Over the past two years, the Federation has been actively developing women’s boxing: a team has been formed, the championships of the country are held, and funding and material and technical support for the women’s team is envisaged.

Annually the Federation conducts several international boxing tournaments – an international tournament in memory of the founder of boxing in the country of Sydney Jackson, as well as tournaments in Andizhan, Bekabad, Samarkand, etc.

The Federation pays much attention to the development of boxing infrastructure – in recent years, many specialized boxing halls equipped with modern rings and the necessary boxing equipment and equipment have appeared in the country. The Federation independently conducts training seminars for judges, coaches and sports specialists.

The Federation pays much attention to strengthening the health of boxers, raising the level of comprehensive physical training of athletes, modern medical and pharmacological support, systematic and regular examination of boxers.

All this has affected the popularity of boxing, which is steadily growing in our country – suffice it to say that on a regular basis boxing is now being handled by more than 20,000 people.

Гамбург-2017: Боксчиларимизнинг финалда рингга чиқиш вақтлари маълум бўлди(батафсил)

In the AIBA World Boxing Championships in Doha, Qatar, Murodjon Akhmadaliev in the weight category up to 56 kg, Fazliddin Gaibnazarov in the weight category up to 64 kg and Bektemir Melikuziev in the weight category up to 75 kg became silver medallists and won licenses for the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. Elnur Abduraimov in the weight category up to 60 kg, Elshod Rasulov in the weight category up to 81 kg and Bakhodir Jalolov in the weight category of 91 kg won bronze medals.

In 2016, at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Hasanboy Dusmatov in the weight category up to 49 kg, Shakhobiddin Zoirov in the weight category up to 52 kg and Fazliddin Gaibnazarov in the weight category up to 64 kg become the Olympic Champions, Shakhram Giyasov in the weight category up to 69 kg and Bektemir Melikuziev in the weight category up to 75 kg become silver prize-winners of the Olympic Games, Murodjon Akhmadaliev in the weight category up to 56 kg and Rustam Tulaganov in the weight category up to 91 kg became bronze medallists.

Шахрам Ғиёсов ЖЧ-2017нинг энг яхши боксчисига даъвогарлар қаторида

In 2017, at the AIBA World Boxing Championships in Hamburg, Germany, the Uzbek national team played six medals. Shakhram Giyasov in the weight category up to 69 kg becomes the World Champion. Hasanboy Dusmatov in the weight category up to 49 kg, Jasurbek Latipov in the weight category up to 52 kg and Ikboljon Kholdarov in the weight category up to 64 kg become silver medallists. Bektemir Melikuziev in the weight category up to 81 and Sanjar Tursunov in the weight category up to 91 were awarded with bronze medals.

– Would you like to tell us your strategic plans for the future and the key developments in your country?

– The leadership of the Boxing Federation of Uzbekistan takes all the necessary measures for a specific development strategy with a view to retaining the leadership of athletes in the world.

In this process, the replenishment of the national boxing team by young athletes, the disclosure of new athletes capable of achieving high results in big sports, increasing their experience and skills at the international level are one of the main tasks on the agenda.

By the correct organization of the activity of coaches and sporting circles of exclusion among their students, who possess the quality of aspiration to victory and their correct education, it is possible to deduce a generation of strong fighters.

With the assistance of the Boxing Federation of Uzbekistan, by organizing boxing competitions between different age categories, special attention is paid to identifying talented fighters among them. An important aspect is also considered the preparation of candidates of national teams of different age categories for large sports competitions by attracting them to international tournaments.

Гамбург-2017. Жаҳон чемпионатидаги барча жангларни жонли эфирда томоша қилинг!

To date, the success of the Uzbek boxing school and the actions of the Boxing Federation of Uzbekistan are being taken from all sides. In the following years, in order to revive the activity of the boxing federation, experienced specialists, trainers and employees are involved in the case. Particular attention will be paid to the selection of talented boxers. In the process of work, the boxes of boxing were not disregarded even in the most remote corners of our country.

The Boxing Federation of Uzbekistan has updated the conditions for organizing championships. In recent years, every opportunity has been created for the fair conduct of each meeting. For this, during the meetings, 4 video cameras are installed for shooting each battle, which is analyzed by a special commission of experienced experts. In the process of competition, the video footage of the fights is transmitted live from the athletes training halls, the location of the judges and the administration are in online mode.

In addition, during the competition, the experience of installing telephone helpline services is conducted. In case of a biased decision of refereeing, you can call a certain phone number, and the request will be considered by a special commission.

The Boxing Federation of Uzbekistan pays special attention to attracting boxers from each region. This increases competition and creates the ground for the emergence of new names. In short, to date, a transparent system for selecting boxers for the national team has been created.

The strategic plans of the Boxing Federation of Uzbekistan include the tasks of holding international competitions. It should be noted that in recent years in our country at the highest level, stage-by-stage meetings of the WSB tournaments, the Asian championship and other international tournaments have been held.

In the near future, it is planned to hold world championships and continents of different age categories. There are all conditions and opportunities. One of the most important tasks is the holding of the AIBA World Boxing Championship for the elite boxers.

– What are the main strengths and issues in your boxing life?

– There are several factors that ensure the success of Uzbek boxers. In turn, it should be noted that Uzbekistan has an abundance of talented young people. At the moment, boxing is one of the most popular sports in the country, and the number of people engaged in this sport grows year after year. In short, the country has a basic base – they have the ability to educate talented boxers.

The country has established a mechanism for the proper education of boxers of the highest class. There are many different schools, circles and sections of boxing. In addition, the country has a huge potential of experienced trainers. It should also be noted that our coaches are successfully working outside the country and in foreign countries.

Our boxers are fighting with high technology, strong defence and a quick blow. And also, in the process of training a great deal of attention is paid to their physical capabilities and to increase their endurance. For this purpose, training sessions are held regularly throughout the year.

Another important feature of Uzbek boxing is the creation of a favourable atmosphere for healthy competition among boxers. At least three boxers can claim one place in the national team of different age categories. There is a strong competition.

And the most important thing is that pride, patriotism, willpower, diligence and high moral values of Uzbek boxers serve as huge priorities for achieving high goals.

Source: ASBC


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