Shomurodov did not give up!

In the central match of the seventh round of the Italian Serie A, Roma lost 0:1 to one of the main competitors, Atalanta, in front of their fans. It is worth noting that the defeat was very painful for the head coach of the Romans Jose Mourinho.

 most authoritative Italian publications specializing in sports continue to analyze the championship games and the participation of players.

La Repubblica newspaper published an article by journalist Andrea DiCarlo about Eldor Shomurodov.

- The meeting of ”Roma“ and ”Atalanta“ was a great opportunity for Eldor Shomurodov to ”open closed doors". More precisely, the Uzbek legionnaire has a situation where he turns from an unnecessary player into a hero of the game.

Even a small chance given to you after you saw the field will be disguised as gold, and its omission will plunge you into sadness. The Uzbek striker lacked accuracy twice while boiling” Olimpico".

In another case, he chose the easiest way out of the situation, leaving behind several defenders, and decided to increase the ball for Belotti. This is hardly the right decision. The ball did not hit the target, it was returned.

In this game, which brought bitter pain to Olimpico, Roma struck 21 blows, among which were attempts by Shomurodov.

Jose Mourinho wanted to use Eldor Shomurodov once again, who scored a goal in the match against Ludogorov in Bulgaria

The most remarkable thing is that it was expected that the Uzbek legionnaire would free his regiment in Trigoria by Andrea Belotti. Ironically, these two strikers finished the match against Atalanta shoulder to shoulder," wrote the famous journalist Andrea DiCarlo.


It is worth noting that experts note that there is a problem with the use of situations on the Roma attack line. Temmy Abraham, who became the main scorer last season, could not prove himself. After the match with Atalanta, the English footballer apologized to the fans for his ineffective game.

After becoming the leader of the Romans, Paulo Dybala did not appear at the game at Olimpico due to an injury in training. Lorenzo Pellegrini, who was very useful in organizing the team's attacks, was also unable to play at his level due to a muscle injury.

Nicolo Zanolo has now recovered from his injury and has not yet reached the highest athletic form. Stefan El Shaarawy is also engaged in restoring health.

Right now, Andrea Belotti and especially Eldor Shomurodov are in good shape among the Roma strikers. However, Jose Mourinho relies more on Temmy Abraham, who gets lost on the pitch, than on trusting the Uzbek striker.

Eldor Shomurodov, however, did not give up in the competition, he will wait for the coaching staff to come back on the field, and then he will be able to make the most of the opportunity.

Before that, at the invitation of the most famous football player of our country today, Srechko Katenes, he will take part in the training camp of the national team of Uzbekistan.

The Uzbekistan national team will hold the next training camp in South Korea and during the trip will try their hand at a friendly match with the participants of the World Cup - Cameroon and Costa Rica.

As a member of the national team of Uzbekistan, Eldor Shomurodov took part in 56 matches, hitting the opponents' goal 30 times.


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