Shomurodov shared his opinion about Katanec, the defeat by Jordan and the match with Georgia

- What can you say about the Georgian national team? Do you have information about this team?

- We can say that Georgia is part of the European continent and is one of the strongest rivals. I am sure that this game will be very useful for us.

- There have been many win-win streaks in your career. So you managed to score in the last meeting. Can we expect another series of goals to begin?

- Everything is from God. I always went out on the field to score goals, and I will try to score even more.

- What can you say about the head coach of our national team?

- Everything is in good condition. Katanets has also become much more sociable with the players. The preparatory and training processes become much more interesting.

- Do you think the game against Jordan fully revealed our problems?

- I wouldn't say that. The reason is that apart from football there were problems, I think. That's why we couldn't show one of our best games in return. I can say with confidence that the match against Georgia will be completely different.

- You hit the ball both in the national team and in the club under the guidance of an experienced specialist. What do you think are the similarities and differences?

- Each coach has his own style of play. Of course, the difference is huge. However, I work in a club for a club.

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