Belgrade-2021. Abdumalik Khalakov: I can't answer the fans

The Men's World Boxing Championships in Belgrade, Serbia, are in full swing.

Abdumalik Khalokov (-60 kg) entered the ring in the third fight with the participation of Uzbek representatives. He took the lead in the clash with Jasin Ljama of Macedonia and advanced to the next stage.

- I think I followed all the instructions of the coaches. The coaches told me to move slowly. Because I came here and fought 5 days later. It is said that it is difficult to fight at such a stage.

In the ensuing battles, our movements become clearer. The reason is that it is always difficult to start the first one. You have to feel the ring, you have to feel the opponent.

Our coaches told me to move more easily and not to go too far. Next time, I will try to fight even brighter.

When I went to Instagram, a lot of fans were writing. I'm happy about that, but I can't answer them. I can't even talk to my parents. My dream is just to win this World Championship. That's what I meant. "Not only me but also other teammates have been aiming to raise the flag of Uzbekistan," said the boxer.

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