Sukhrob Berdiyev: we will show that FC Andijan also has a place in the Super League

One of the leaders of FC Andijan club, Sukhrob Berdiyev, also works hard at the winter training camps, among others. He had to sweat a lot over the team's return to the Super League. The footballer shared his thoughts about the preparation of the team for the new season and the head coach.

"We started training in high spirits, and this is our first training session after the exchange of trainers. Everything is going according to plan. We knew the work of the new head coach, Alexander Khomyakov, and now we are working together. Our current preparation is very good, we have a lot of fun with the players.

Everyone rested. The process of restoring our former athletic form is going well. We practice twice a day. We work with the ball and also work in the gym. The coach uses his tactics, and interesting changes are taking place. It's all great.

We expect new players to join in January. There will be competitive content in our team, and playing in the eyes of such ardent fans will give us additional strength. Having won more victories, we will show that Andijan also has its place in the Super League. We will fight with our whole team for the goal that will be set for us," says Sukhrob Berdiyev.

Andijan Press Service


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