Tashkent hosts FIFA Forward Development Programme workshop

On 3-4 December, representatives from 11 member associations originating from West and Central Asia meet in Tashkent to discuss the current status of the FIFA Forward Development Programme and to share expertise and experiences with FIFA, all with the aim of identifying the challenges facing the region in the next few years.

It’s expected as very productive gathering, the associations take a close look at how the FIFA Forward Development Programme is operating, its current scope, and where its future lies.

The following FIFA representatives are attending the workshop

Sanjeevan Balasingam - Sanjeevan Balasingam, FIFA's Regional MA Director (Asia and Oceania)

Eloy De Santis - FIFA's Regional MA Project Coordinator (Asia and Oceania)

Essam Al-Sukhibaniy - FIFA's Regional Office Development Manager (West and Central Asia)

Andrei Vashkevich - Regional Office Project Coordinator (West and Central Asia)


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