Tbilisi Grand Prix 2017. Shahzodbek Sobirov has earned bronze medal


Tbilisi Grand Prix 2017 of World Judo Tour launched in Georgia on Friday. Today Uzbekistan's  national judo team started their participation as several judoists earned medals namely Shahzodbek Sobirov and Soyib Kurbonov.

After losing in the struggle with Russian Stanislav Retinskiy on the way to the semi-final, Shahzodbek had to fight for the bronze medal. He firstly opposed to Peter Jilka who is medal owner of several European and African competitions and won by ippon in two minutes.Then, he contended with Hungarian Gabor Ver in the last stage of fights for the bronze medal and he gained a victory in the fourth minute. 

In the weight category of over 100 kg,  judoist Soyub Kurbanov could not use his chance to earn a bronze medal for Uzbekistan side. In the fights for the bronze medal, Uzbek judoist won Ivan Romarenka from UAE before he faced off Latvian Yevgeniy Borodavko in the last fight. However, European judoist defeated his opponent from Uzbekistan with a little priority and awarded a bronze medal.




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