The 2nd round of the futsal championship is underway in Tashkent

The second round of the national futsal championship began yesterday in the SC "Uzbekistan". The strange division of the tour - the interval of three days between the sixes - PFL Uz did not explain in any way, but simply put it in front of the fact. Earlier we have already noted all their "miracles in the sieve", and today we moved the calendar to a new month and here we will fill it in.

We continue the topic of calendars...


XXV Championship of Uzbekistan.

Round 2. Tashkent, NT "Uzbekistan".

2 NOV 6 1

November 1st:

"Pakhtakor" - "Neftchi" - 3 : 2

"Bunyodkor" – "Dynamo" - 4 : 3

"Huahin-Jizzakh– - "Builder-Zarafshan" - 7 : 0

Photo PFL.

2 NOV 6 2
From the results of the first day, we note the minimal victories of the old-timers of the league over both debutants. The ending of Bunyodkor's game with Dynamo was especially intriguing: after conceding the third goal in the 38th minute, the Swallows managed to score two on 39 and 40 and won. Here is another proof that everything can change instantly in futsal. Repeated similar cases in our championship teach beginners who are playing at a professional level for the first time, and are constantly confirmed by experienced players.

Next, we will add the results of the game days here and periodically accompany them with links to individual news in our usual format: the date of the games is a link.


November 2:

"Pakhtakor– - "Bunyodkor– - 6 : 3

"Huahin-jizzakh" – "Dynamo" - 5 : 1

"Builder-Zarafshan"– - "Neftchi– - 1 : 7

Today Neftchi won the first victory in the championship, having made a start in the top league.

Standings until November 3:

2 NOV 6 3


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