The first women's league finished in Tashkent.

The last game day did not affect anything. Due to the blatant outrage and gross violations of the rules of the game, arranged by the referee Anna Sidorova on November 5 in the match "Neftchi-W" – AGMK-W-2 (result 2:2), the Ferghana people lost their deserved right to first place. ((Read in the telegram channel for November 5.) And the rest of the teams did not catch up with them, the "oilmen" advanced to the top league in advance. Therefore, the last two game days were held under the sign of formality. And today it's all over: the results of the games are in front of you.

9 nov 4

There were no surprises today, those who were stronger won.

Formally, the championship was won by the team of AGMK-W-2, but Neftchi-W deservedly enters the top league.

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