The legionnaire who came to

The legionnaire who came to "Turon" and did not play a single match left the club
Football 28 November, 2021, 15:15 0
The contract was terminated.
After leaving the Super League, the club "Turon " went on vacation after the victory over”Andijan" in the last round.

As you know, a lot of players have come to the club this year. But not all of them gave the expected result.

In Mahal, where the summer transfer window opened, the Turon club signed a contract with Tajik defender Firdavs Chakalov. The footballer who chose the 20th number for himself, for some reason, was given absolutely no chance. As a result, Firdavs did not enter the field in any of his team's matches. Only 3-4 times I played as a deputy.

To date, Firdavs Chakov has played for the Maldivian "Victoria SK" and Tajik "Khujand". The talented defender is also a participant in the AFC Cup.

Last year he was recognized as the best defender of the championship of Tajikistan. Arriving at Turan, the legionnaire mostly sat in reserve and eventually left the team by agreement with the management, without waiting for the end of the season.

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