The poster of the tour, the surprise team of the season and Andijan, which is a headache for the leaders, or what did Murzoev say before the tour?

The 16th round of the Super League will be held on August 10-13. Without a doubt, there are serious debates with you that we look forward to in future confrontations.

Especially in Namangan's Navbahor receives Pakhtakor. The tour started with this central competition. Kamoliddin Murzoev, head of the Footballers' Union of Uzbekistan, expressed his opinion about the possibilities of the teams before the 16th round.

August 10

Navbahor - Pakhtakor

- The wordless tour poster is a match between Navbahor and Pakhtakor. In addition, we know how the lack of fans "burns" the stadium. From that point of view, I think this match will be a match of the year. The game of two arch-rivals. The main competitors for the championship race. I would rate the chances 50x50. Only Navbahor may have a slight advantage in terms of playing in front of their own fans.


Nasaf - Bukhara

- Bukhara finally won in the last round. Nasaf is increasingly behind in the championship race. Nevertheless, Nasaf can resist any Uzbek clubs. If he shows his game, it will be very difficult for Bukhara team. However, there are many factors in favor of Nasaf. But both teams will fight to get a result, using all their strength for 90 minutes.

August 11

OKMK - Olympic

- Both teams are distinguished by the fact that they can show their game and allow the opponent to play as well. We can remember the last match of Olympic against Sogdiana. I think we will witness a goal show in the upcoming match. It is not surprising that OKMK, along with gradually finding its place in the league, started preparations for the AFC Champions League matches.

olympic sughd

Neftchi - Sogdiana

- Another good contrast. The people of Fergana are now in their place. They found out that the championship is in their hands. He has been undefeated for a long time. Nevertheless, Ivan Boskovic's students will go to the field to prove that they will not bow down to anyone. It will be an interesting meeting in its perspective. A team cannot be singled out as a favorite based on the results of the last rounds. The important thing is that there will be no compromises.

August 12

Surkhon - Turon

- The surprise team of the season - Surkhon. It's going to be a great game against a club that has been showing surprises from round to round. The levels and performances of the clubs in our Super League have changed in a positive direction. In every match, one club cannot be said to be a clear favorite. There is no confidence that any team will win 100 percent. Because it is impossible to say what will happen in advance. There is a fierce battle at the top and bottom of the standings. Although they have not set themselves high tasks, the two clubs, which are motivated to show good results in their games, will oppose each other.

and sur_1

Bunyodkor - Andijan

- Undoubtedly, Andijan's performances are great, especially against strong clubs. I think the teams are equal in the match against Bunyodkor, which is looking for its own game after the arrival of a new coach. Andijan, which shows a defensive game, can be a headache for Bunyodkor.

August 13

Kizilkum - Metallurg

- Whenever there is a clash against "Miners", the teams have mutual games, intransigence and different attitudes. If we take into account that both teams are at the bottom of the table, there will be a 6-point battle on the field.


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