The situation is not going the way Shomurodov wanted!

Recently, the Russian national team performed for the first time in Tashkent in an international friendly match with the national team of Uzbekistan. In the last friendly match, the ball did not hit the goal.

During his trip to Tashkent, Valery Karpin met separately with his student Eldor Shamurodov and had a conversation.

- You had an informal meeting with Shamurodov in Tashkent. How did you manage to maintain a good relationship, even after you repeatedly called him "Crooked"?

- It seems that you are not asking this question seriously. Our relationship is close and good. That's why I can joke that he is "Crooked". We're laughing. After leaving Rostov, we called and corresponded with Eldor.

- How do you think Shomurodov is able to prove himself at the Italian Championship?

- This season, the situation is not going as well as Eldor expected.

- Is there a decline in his game or is the team out of order?

- I don't know. I don't watch him every day. Perhaps the head coach does not see his potential, expressing confidence in other players. Roma have two other excellent strikers. To be honest, Temmy Abraham and Andrea Belotti are considered good strikers. This question depends on the competition.

- You can call the players crooked or worse words. It turns out that you have a good relationship with Shomurodov. Were there also cases when players were offended by what you said?

- It's better to ask the players about this. I can't be responsible for them. Naturally, some people like it, some don't. Someone behaves freely, someone is under pressure.


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