The way to Europe we are waiting for news from our legionnaire in Belarus...

After the clubs of the Belarusian championship began to pay attention to the Uzbek masters, our fans also began to follow the football of this country. It's no secret that our football players, who went to Belarus first of all, believe that the championship can become a springboard for them to stronger European leagues, attract the attention of foreign scouts and specialists.

A particularly striking example is the work of Zhasur Yakhshibayev. The fact that a football player who played in”Pakhtakor", left for Belarus, with which we are not very familiar with football, and did not play on loan in the teams of our country, subsequently proved that this was the right decision. It is worth paying attention to the fact that our legionnaire, who imprinted his name on the pages of history as the first player to score a goal for Real Madrid at the Santiago Bernabeu, achieved this precisely thanks to his excellent game in Belarus.

Sheriff's head coach Yuri Vernidub invited Yahshiboev to Moldova, who knew Zhasur from work in Belarus and who had secured a reserve position in the Polish Legia before the Champions League group stage, in order to strengthen the attacking potential of his team. And the effect of a correctly made step is known to all of us.

So how did the 2021 season go for our legionnaires in Belarus?

Shakhboz Umarov, who together with Zhasur first played for Energetik-BSU, and then went to BATE, was also able to show his potential in the ranks of Borisov, and some sources write that the strongest leagues of the Belarusian championship are interested in this legionnaire.

It was expected that Shakhboz Umarov would fight for the title with BATE. However, the Borisov team could not match the current champions - the players of Shakhtar-Soligorsk. BATE became one of the three teams that managed to defeat Soligorets throughout the championship. In this match, Shahboz Umarov won attention and recognition as a superhero.

Playing in several positions, the footballer played 28 matches in the major league, scored six goals and gave eight assists. Interestingly, in the matches in which Umarov scored goals, BATE did not lose points and won important victories over "Slutsk", "Gomel", "Sputnik", "Slavia", and "Shakhtar-Soligorsk".

The most important thing is that Shakhboz Umarov became the vice-champion of Belarus, the winner of the Belarusian Cup, and Srechko Katanets began to regularly call him to training camps.

After the departure of Zhasur Yakhshibayev, "Shakhtar-Soligorsk" invited another Uzbek football player, Shahzod Ubaydullayev, to take his place, who gave him the 7th number of a compatriot.

Unfortunately, the Soligorians did not give our legionnaire enough chances. Shahzod, who earned one penalty in three meetings, was sent on loan to Energetik-BGU in the second round after a long stay in reserve.

In the ranks of the capital's "students " he played much more significantly. In total, Ubaydullayev appeared on the field in 14 matches, hitting the opponents' goal three times and giving four assists to his teammates.

Bobur Abdukholikov, a graduate of Kashkadarya football, returned from the Ukrainian championship, which became a bitter experience for him, and after waiting for several months, went to Belarus. Our talented striker, who joined Energetik-BGU from the second half of the championship, managed to score two goals in 14 matches.

Another talent, Daniyar Abdumannopov, moved from Andijan to Energetik-BGU on July 28. Unfortunately, for the first time, foreign experience did not give the expected result. Our striker, who participated in one competition, spent the rest of the season in treatment due to injury.

In conclusion, we can say that most of our legionnaires in Belarus have shown their capabilities and potential on the positive side. This means that we will be waiting for news from them during the winter transfers.

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