Today the start of the championship of Uzbekistan in two sports will be given

From December 21 to 23, the best judoists of the country will compete for the championship title in various weight categories at the Yunusabad sports complex. Eminent martial artists, who have quite successful performances at the most prestigious tournaments of the world scale, will also take part in the championship of Uzbekistan. And this, in turn, will give high competition at the republican competitions. On the opening day of the competition, men in the weight categories up to 60 and up to 66 kg will enter the tatami, and the best will be determined in the women's part of the tournament: up to 48, up to 52 and up to 57 kg.

Also, the championship of the republic in freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling starts in the sports complex "Universal". At the competitions, which will be held from December 21 to 24, athletes from all regions of the republic will show their skills on the carpet. The opening ceremony takes place today at 16:00.

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