Two more World Championship medals

Ozoda Khozhieva (-55 kg) managed to win two medals at once. In the snatch exercise, she took fourth place, but in the clean and jerk lift she managed to correct the situation.

In the first attempt, Khozhieva lifted 92 kg, in the second 95 kg. However, for the third time she failed to lift 98 kg. Despite this, our athlete took the third place.

In total, she gained 172 kg and, thanks to this result, was awarded a silver medal. Thus, Ozoda Khozhieva added the first silver to the piggy bank of the national team of Uzbekistan.

World Junior Weightlifting Championships, -55 kg, girls:

1. Estep Catherine Emily (USA) 198 kg

2. Ozoda Khozhieva (Uzbekistan) 172 kg

3. Leon Perez (Mexico) 171 kg

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