UFA integrity officers attend FIFA’s Global Integrity Programme

The FIFA Global Integrity Programme is designed to provide Member Associations with enhanced tools and educational resources to help members fight and prevent match manipulation. The programme also reflects UNODC’s objective of supporting governments and sports organisations in their efforts to safeguard sport from corruption and crime.

The programme, which is divided into three modules, offers a wide range of information as well as tools which will benefit and better equip integrity officers.

Dilshod Hakimov from the Uzbekistan Football Association added: “It is a very beneficial programme for all the participants. I have to note that we have been involved in integrity processes for a certain period and attained some achievements which have been witnessed by other bodies like the AFC and FIFA.

“There is a need to organise these trainings and courses where the experts share more details on how to approach and deal with match manipulations. I’m pleased that our Member Association and its President Mr. Azizov Abdusalom is committed against match manipulation and his aspirations together with the proper education can help us achieve our goals.”

Module 1 of the FIFA Global Integrity Programme took place on March 4 where AFC integrity officers were briefed on the introduction to match manipulation and were introduced to the FIFA and AFC regulatory framework on integrity.

AFC’s integrity officers continued to sharpen their knowledge in the two-day Module 2 - Prevention and Education - which covered topics such as the establishment of an integrity initiative, reporting mechanisms and cooperation with law enforcement and stakeholders.

Participants were also briefed on the best practices, working on a media strategy and received the latest information in football betting and monitoring.

The final module will resume on March 31 and April 1, where integrity officers learn and deepen their knowledge and skills on investigating match manipulation.

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