UFF expert revealed why Uzbekistan player found guilty of doping violation

Uzbekistan U-16 player Ismoilov Abdulkhay was found guilty of doping violation according to the decision of 32nd AFC Disciplinary Committee on 15 December 2016.

But AFC Disciplinary Committee informed only their decision, but not the full information.

Fortunately, Sherzod Ibragimov who works at Uzbekistan Football Federation revealed why Ismoilov Abdulkhay had been found guilty of doping violation.

In September of last year, Abdulkhay Ismoilov went to Palestine with Uzbekistan U-16 team in order to participate in the qualification round of the 2016 AFC U-16 Asian Championship. During the championship, he dramatically became inflamed appendicitis (a serious medical condition in which becomes inflamed and painful) and he had to undergo surgery. (Note-1* - Any operations can influence on loosing the weight of the patient.) 

He kept practicing in his club, but he was less called for Uzbekistan U-16 team. In the summer of this year, namely on 26 July, he went to his hometown, Namangan, where he was diagnosed with the second stage of dystrophy (Note-2* - all certificates are available).

He had assigned a week-long course of treatment, which included a local doctor drug "metabolite", intended for increasing ONLY the amount of glucose in the body. After undergoing treatment Abdulkhay Ismoilov came back to Tashkent.  And, he went to India with Uzbekistan U-16 team in order to participate in 2016 AFC U-16 Championship. That was treated, he didn't think apparently that he didn't take anything forbidden and there was no need to mention about the brief which takes the whole week at a local clinic.

In the framework of the participation of Uzbekistan U-16 team in 2016 AFC U-16 Championship, he like many of other guys, conducted a standard drug test taking a urine sample and explores the existence of illicit substances. But Abdulkhay's outcome of the first and the second doping samples were positive.

It was found that there is "metabolite" in his organism. If he had taken the drugs intentionally, then it can be easily deduced from the body within 6-7 days. Abdulkhay didn't know that a doctor appointed him something forbidden.

In addition to this, the doctor before the tournament team is given a form of guidance medicines used for therapeutic purposes. In this form, players should inform about the medications. The medical staff of the championship collected the players and asked everyone twice to indicate everyone in the appropriate form in order to provide a proof of the use of one or the other of the drug was a medical necessity. This is absolutely the standard practice around the world. Abdulkhay did not indicate drugs he had because of child negligence. When positive results, something to make in the form of the said it was too late. We tried to prove with the arguments including the facts that the above-mentioned hormone gives a raise in weight, but not in speed or endurance. 

Generally speaking, "metabolite" is used more in somewhere in bodybuilding rather than other sports.  

We all are supporting Abdulkhay Ismoilov all together in order to motivate him. We are one family and we are always ready to support when someone has difficulties.

One year suspension from taking part in any kind of football-related activity is too hard. But it's not the end of life and not end of his career, especially for Abdulkhay Ismoilov who turned only 16.


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