Uzbek MMA fighter Umidjon Sagdullaev faces Russian Said Khamzat Khanukaev in WEF44 Global 10

Bishkek is going to host WEF44 Global 10 “The Silk Road Fighters” International Tournament on November 22.

The champion of Uzbekistan Sambo Championship, Unifight Championship, and Kickboxing Championship Umidjon Sagdullaev took part in this tournament, which takes place at Kojomkul Sports Complex.

Under the coaching of Mansur “The Mongoose” Tugizbaev, Sagdullaev (2-0-1) squares off against Russian Said Khamzat Khanukaev at the Welterweight (up to 77 kg).

In recent years, the World Ertaymash Federation (WEF) to take on MMA prestigious organization, not only in Kyrgyzstan, Central Asia, and the world is witnessing the champions. To date, World Ertaymash Federation has held 31 events and presided over approximately 450 matches.


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