Uzbekistan and Soviet Union honorary players play in friendly match in Tashkent

On this day, a friendly match will be held between two teams having Honorary players of Uzbekistan and Sovet Union at the Pakhtakor Stadium.

August, 11th, 1979 - this date was remembered by the whole world as one of the most terrible. That day in the sky over Dneprodzerzhinsk two planes had accident at once. One of them carried out flight Tashkent-Minsk - there were 83 persons aboard, including 17 football players of the well-known Tashkent team "Pahtakor". The second plane followed from Chelyabinsk to Kishinev with 89 passengers and six crewmen onboard. As a result of collision of planes 178 persons were lost and among them there was also "Pahtakor" team - the best one for all history of the Tashkent club.

The tragedy of "Pahtakor" team became the most sorrowful news to the Uzbek football. August, 11th, 1979 became black date not only for players and trainers of Tashkent club "Pahtakor". The air crash of the well-known football players became tragedy for the whole world.

Here is the list of "Pahtakor" players who were on that fatal flight: - Idgay Borisovich TAZETDINOV, coach (1/13/1933). - Michael Ivanovich AN, halfback (11/19/1952). - Vladimir Ivanovich FEDOROV, forward (1/5/1956). - Alim Masalievich АSHIROV, back (1/25/1955). - Ravil Rustamovich АGISHEV, back (3/14/1959). - Konstantin Aleksandrovich BAKANOV, halfback (5/25/1954). - Yury Timofeevich ZAGUMENNIH, back (6/7/1947). - Alexander Ivanovich KORCHYONOV, halfback (5/4/1949). - Nikolay Borisovich KULIKOV, back (4/25/1953). - Vladimir Vasilevich MAKAROV, halfback (3/9/1947). - Sergey Konstantinovich POKATILOV, goalkeeper (12/20/1950). - Victor Nikolaevich TCHURKIN, forward (1/25/1952). - Sirozhiddin Ahmedovich BAZAROV, forward (8/10/1961). - Shuhrat Musinovich ISHBUTAEV, forward (2/8/1959). - Vladimir Valievich SABIROV, forward (1/14/1958). - Vladimir Vasilevich ЧУМАКОВ, doctor of the team (12/8/1932). - Mansur Inamdzhanovich TALIBDJANOV, manager of the team (4/4/1944).


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