Uzbekistan Cup Final 2017. FC Bunyodkor vs FC Lokomotiv | Match Highlights

FC Lokomotiv gained a 1-0 victory over FC Bunyodkor in the final match of Uzbekistan Cup 2017 at the Bunyodkor Stadium on Monday.

In early minutes of the first period, the Railwaymen took the lead through Marat Bikmaev as he opened the scoring with his stunning goal. Andrey Miklyaev's side had some chances to strengthen their advantage, while FC Bunyodkor lost opportunities to equalise the scoring.

The score remained unchanged and FC Lokomotiv earned the Uzbekistan Cup championship for the third time in the history.

Uzbekistan Cup Final 2017

FC Bunyodkor 0-1 FC Lokomotiv

Goal: Marat Bikmaev (6)


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