Uzbekistan Futsal Cup 2016/2017 is ready to start

The group stage matches of 2016-2017 Uzbekistan Futsal Cup will be witnessed at Uzbekistan Sports Complex on December 21-23 in Tashkent.

Eight (8) futsal team from different places of Uzbekistan come to play to become the champion dividing into two (2) group during the Uzbekistan Futsal Cup.

Two (2) teams who are winners and runner-ups of each group qualified for the quarterfinals. In quarterfinals, Almalyk team who is the defending champions and Ardus team who were the finalists of the last issue of the tournament will join six (4) qualified teams, who participated successfully in the group stage matches. 

The group stage matches will be held this year and the tournament will be continued with knockout stage matches next years.

Uzbekistan Futsal Cup 2016/2017
Group Stage

Matchday One
December 21, 2016

Group A 
11:00. UzDTV - Lokomotiv
13:00. Bunyodkor - Metallourg

Group B
15:00. Dustlik-AIN - Maksam-Chirchik
17:00. UzSQB - Kogon

Matchday Two
December 22, 2016

Group A
11:00. Metallourg - Lokomotiv
13:00. Bunyodkor - UzDTV

Group B
15:00. Dustlik-AIN - UzSQB
17:00. Maksam-Chirchik - Kogon

Matchday Three
December 23, 2016

Group A
11:00. UzDTV - Metallourg
13:00. Lokomotiv - "Bunyodkor"

Group B
15:00. Kogon - Dustlik-AIN
17:00. UzSQB - Maksam-Chirchik


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