Uzbekistan national team coach and footballer tested positive for coronavirus

Today, the coronavirus infection, which is spreading rapidly, is also affecting the football world. In particular, the situation with Covid-19 did not go unnoticed by the national team of Uzbekistan.

In particular, the head coach of the Uzbekistan national team Srecko Katanec was scheduled to arrive from Slovenia for the training camp in Dubai. However, the test passed immediately before leaving showed a positive result. Thus, the Slovenian specialist was forced to quarantine at home. We hope that when the quarantine period is over, the coach will return to the management of the national team while recovering. Until then, Katanec's assistant coaches will lead the team in the early part of the training camp.

Also, when the team arrived in Dubai, all members of the delegation took the PCR test. According to the results of the tests, Khojimat Erkinov was detected for a positive. For this reason, he began to quarantine the isolated case in the prescribed manner. At the end of the quarantine period, the footballer will take a test again, and based on the results, his next training session will be scheduled.

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